Adam Martin is an artist and writer from Somerset, England. He gained a fascination for creativity from his childhood growing up in the rural town of Wiveliscombe on the edge of Exmoor national park, a place of natural beauty and deep history.
He uses his interests in nature and storytelling to inspire his work, experimenting with combining digital creative tools and raw materials such as ink and graphite.
Some of his greatest inspirations include Dave McKean and Alan Moore, as both exemplify the vast possibilities of creative work. As well as this, Adam is drawn to the mysterious world of the supernatural and often draws from legends and folklore to drive new work.
He has written and illustrated one book so far, exploring the ghost tales of his hometown through short stories. In 2022 he celebrated the 125th anniversary of Dracula through his own illustrated vision of the novel.
Currently, he is working on a new comic series and a selection of experimental work, which he balances with creative writing and an interest in photography.
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